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"We're moving to Sweden?"

How do you tell your children you're moving (possibly far, far away)?

I'm not sure I have the right answer but I definitely have the wrong answer.

Don't let a stranger tell them at a party.  I know it's very exciting news and you are just bursting to tell someone- anyone. You settle on that cute little old man at the fundraiser you're attending. What's the harm, you think.  You probably won't see him again anytime soon-after all you worked together a really, really long time ago and it's been years since you've seen him.  Pat yourself on the back, He was so excited for you! An international work assignment and the whole family is going! Such a nice old man to wish you well.

Until you see him across the room speaking to your son on his way out.  Your son looks at you, looks at the man, and then back at you. And you know. Goodbye Little Old Man, who just spilled the secret of the decade.

Your son makes a beeline straight for you and says,"Mom, th…

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