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Thieves and Other Things

I hope the person that stole my credit card is reading this.  I already had a rather disappointing day. First, I read about Julius, the baby giraffe, dying. And if that wasn't enough, it culminated with me actually considering applying for a job cleaning up crime scenes.  I am not entirely sure what that entails (hopefully not entrails), but this is where I'm at today.  So, you taking my credit card which I reserve for Friday night pizzas (which we didn't get around to until Sunday night) kind of made me mad.

I was declined buying a pizza.  Because you stole my credit card and wanted barista-made coffee, which is totally overrated. And expensive.  You could have gotten a lot more coffee at McDonald's! It's not bad either. And sadly for you (happily for me), this is when my bank first suspected fraud. My bank and I go way back, they totally know I am a $1.00 coffee kind of girl.

Regarding the motor inn charge, I have never been to a motor inn so I am not entirely …

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