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It Just Wasn't in the Plan

I heard from a friend I hadn't spoken to in awhile. She mentioned she divorced last week.  I threw out some flip comments.  What is there really to say she hasn't already heard or thought herself but then the next morning, I found myself still thinking about her.  So I sent her another message of support. She responded, "I'll be okay.  It just wasn't in the plan."

I think at some point most people find out that what you plan, may not always be what happens.  And sometimes, it's a rather unwelcome surprise.  Unemployment?  That will screw up your plan.  A sudden, life changing illness? Better come up with a new plan in a hurry.  A baby born with issues you neither understand nor may be ready to cope with?  Buckle up because you may not be the one doing the planning.

I recently reconnected with a college friend. I hadn't heard from him since 1987 or 1988. Last I knew he was young, single and his biggest concern was most likely finals.  Now, he's th…

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